Keyword Research & Mapping

What is keyword research and mapping?

Keyword research is the process of discovering, analysing and understanding data about the search queries which actual people are making in search engines on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Keyword research can uncover the volume which a particular keyword term or phrase is receiving and also reveals additional keywords that may or may not have been taken into consideration previously.

Keyword mapping is the process of selecting the most valuable keywords found in the research phase and matching these to a relevant page or asset in the client’s current or proposed website. This map of keywords to pages forms the foundation of keyword optimisation, enabling us to begin identifying opportunities and implementing changes.

Keyword Research And Mapping

Why is keyword research and mapping necessary for my website?

Keyword research is necessary to uncover the right mix of potential keywords to include in content, page titles, Meta descriptions and more to help your website rank accordingly for a specific vertical or niche. Keyword research also uncovers opportunities to create content and optimise websites around previously undiscovered keywords.

Search engines can also detect the contextual relevance on the website according to the keywords used on the site; search engines will recognise this and will see your website as an authority within your niche market and vertical.

Once the keywords have been researched, the mapping element is necessary to correctly target the most relevant pages with the right keywords. Improving relevance of a given page for any given keyword not only helps the page rank, but fundamentally gives a better user experience. Keyword mapping ensures the user finds the most relevant page for their query, leading to a higher amount of qualified visitors landing on your website and improving the chances of a conversion.

What value can keyword research bring to my website?

When correctly implemented, keyword research and mapping can bring immediate value to a business, and is one of the most actionable SEO documents. As mentioned above, benefits such as ranking increases within the SERPs (search engine ranking positions) as a result of keyword research and mapping are possible. However, additional value can be generated through a greater diversification of visibility. Improvements in content consumption and goal completions are also possible. Keyword research and mapping often leads directly to improved conversion.

Finally, proper keyword mapping can also increase the user experience of the website since this practice is designed to attract a genuinely interested and targeted audience to the content on the website.

Keyword Research And Mapping SERPs

What is Reprise Media’s approach to keyword research?

Keywords and their volumes are only as relevant as the product or services you sell and the people who interact with your website. Reprise Media begin any keyword research and mapping exercise by understanding our client’s aims, objectives, goals, products and demographics. Full persona research into the users of a given website is undertaken before we begin keyword research.

Once background research is complete, we use a number of tools to determine keywords with the highest relevance and quality whist taking search volumes into consideration when conducting keyword research.

Though search volumes are a very important part of keyword selection, Reprise Media’s comprehensive approach to keyword research identify keywords and opportunities which ultimately bring value to the client’s web property.

Taking seasonal trends into consideration when conducting keyword research is essential, as almost every industry has elements of seasonality meaning keywords are searched more heavily in particular periods of the year. For example, the numbers of searches conducted for shopping related keywords are more likely to peak during the Christmas season and tax related keywords may see a surge in search volume towards the end of the financial year.

Keyword Trends

How is keyword research and mapping delivered by Reprise Media?

Reprise Media compiles the results and findings into a KRAM document (Keyword research and mapping document). This comprehensive document will be tailored to each client but always contains the full list of keywords with their local and international search volumes, Paid Search cost per client value (monetary value of each keyword) amongst other metrics.

In addition to the raw keyword list, keywords are broken into groups or sections, and sorted by most relevant to our goals and objectives, products or value to the client.

The mapping section of the document outlines relevant URLs of the website and the keywords to be used on particular sections of the page. Mapping will include many actionable recommendations including current page titles, headings, meta descriptions and navigation text, and recommended changes to each of these.

Where no relevant page is found, a content gap analysis section will be present, describing the new content required, the core page information and relevant keywords required.

KRAM Document

What happens after the KRAM document is delivered?

Reprise Media can offer both a hands on or consultative approach. We are trained and qualified in a number of enterprise level CMS including SiteCore, Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Websphere, Demandware, DotNetNuke, FatWire, Drupal, WordPress and many more. This means, if given access to a website’s content management system, it is possible we can make many of the recommended changes direct to the CMS, meaning our client needs no additional resource to achieve results.

Where a client prefers to implement the recommendations themselves, or requires additional technical fixes (See Technical Audit), Reprise is always on hand to provide consultancy on the best way to achieve success. We can either work directly on-site with any Australia-based client, or provide phone support to IT, content or development teams.

Keyword Research and Mapping Consultation