Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Organic search engine optimisation is the process of modifying your site’s code, content and architecture so that they are easier for both search engines and people to read. SEO can be define as the art and science of making webpages attractive to both users and search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation can dramatically increase your site’s ranking in the natural results of spider-based search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google. Our SEO experts will work with your team to make your site search engine friendly using advanced time-tested techniques. Our goal is to drive deliver qualified users to your site providing a very attractive ROI through natural search engine dominance

Reprise Media is proud to offer our expertise in organic search optimisation as part of our full breadth of search marketing capabilities.

How You Can Benefit

More of the Right Traffic

Higher rankings and better visibility mean more of the right customers will be viewing and clicking on your site. This additional traffic can help minimise market fluctuations and spread long term campaign costs more evenly

Better Brand Equity

Our optimisation changes help you establish stronger brand ties in the minds of users, many studies have shown that a dominant position within the search results positively affects brand association, brand recal and purchase intent within the minds of searchers. In addition your appearance on the first page of search results also ensures this prime ‘real estate’ is not available to competitors

Long Term ROI

SEO delivers qualified visitors long after the engagement has ended, unlike paid search, which ceases to deliver traffic when the payments stop. SEO should be thought of as building an asset that will keep providing returns year on year.

What We Do

Market Research

Reprise Media conducts thorough research to understand how people search for your products and services. We also analyse other websites that get significant amounts of traffic from the keywords that are important to you, in order to identify commonalities between them that influence their rank.

Site Audit

Our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website to identify any technical issues that may be hindering your organic search performance. We then work with your web team to find appropriate solution within the confines of your site achitecture.

Link Building

Reprise Media will strategically build links to your site from other respected web pages, increasing the link popularity, visibility and authority of your site in the eyes of the search engines

Content Optimisation

Reprise Media will ensure that all of your content and digital assets are optimised for organic search including audio, video & images.

SEO Training

Want to learn how to maintain your own site? Reprise Media offers a full suite of training curriculum that can be customised to speak to the structure and content of your site.

Blended Search

One of the biggest changes in search has been the increasing appearance of blended search results. Blended search is basically displaying various multimedia elements or “digital assets” within the search results. This changes the landscape meaning we have many more opportunities to gain top search rankings not just traditional webpages. At Reprise we are experts in leveraging your digital assets to dominate the blended search results.

For more information on Reprise Media’s search engine marketing services, contact us via e-mail or call us on +61 2 9994 4200.